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Capricorn New Moon
For Kimberly Lashbrook: "Capricorn New Moon" from "The Protector Book Two: In The Man Who Followed Jack Kerouac" by Christina Westover to be released 2014. Photography, narration, Tibetan Singing Bowl...

Released July 2014 The 
Protector: Book Two in 
The Man Who Followed Jack Kerouac

Long gone are quiet personal thoughts since learning Telepathy from Delphine. Master Magician Davey Gillespie, now Telepathist extraordinaire finds himself once again bombarded by uninvited Telepathic guests—only now, they're following him on foot, watching him at bus stops, spying on him in grocery stores, always listening and forever interrupting.

Feeling disconnected and alienated by his new abilities, Davey longs for the life he knew before auras, Telepathy and other beings. It isn't until he meets a Telepathist named Hera that he feels he has found a trustworthy companion on both the astral plane and in the physical world.

After Delphine fails to communicate with him, and Telepathists have started breaking into his home, leaving behind cryptic clues, he finds himself buried beneath a sea of worry and fear. Where do you turn for help when most of your waking moments are spent living a reality society doesn't acknowledge as true? How do you fight Telepathic invasion and win?

Answers will come to Davey from the most unlikely of places—a place so far away only a spaceship could take you there.

Book Two in The Man Who Followed Jack Kerouac is a Beatnik novel about Telepathic transformation on superior levels. 

The Man Who Followed Jack Kerouac

Davey Gillespie wasn’t afraid of anything, least of all women—he had one for every day of the week in spite of being married. Poet and self-proclaimed dreamer, he had never outgrown his nomadic days of hitchhiking and traveling by caravan—those experiences which to him were the essence of freedom.

After nearly being crushed to death in a freak accident of nature, Davey begins to hear and see things which aren’t coming from him. The life he believed he was living has come to an end, leaving only the most infinite unknown he will ever face. It is the beginning of a transformation so powerful, only the fearless walk out on the other side.

“Turn West,” she said, speaking in the most feminine of voices. “My name is Delphine. We’re soulmates, Davey. This is how you distinguish ordinary loves from a true love—telepathy.”

Catalyst of catalysts, it is this telepathic relationship with Delphine which will teach Davey the true meaning of freedom. Sometimes, it takes a near death experience to make one realize—more than being afraid of dying, we are often afraid of really living.

The Man Who Followed Jack Kerouac is a Beatnik novel of telepathic proportions!

Cover Photo by Georgia Verrells

February 9, 2013, I had the honor of being interviewed by Grilliant Ideas Radio for my book 10 Gifts To Give Yourself For A Successful Life! You may listen to the interview at the link below:

10 Gifts To Give Yourself For A Successful Life

10 Gifts
If there is one factor which will help you to bring your dreams into the world and watch them materialize, it is changing your inner dialogue. Through the use of tools such as music suggestions, affirmations, and visualizations, readers will learn to change self-limiting behaviors by giving themselves the personal nurturing and encouragement needed to pursue their goals. Music suggestions will help readers to connect with emotions and memories in need of release, affirmations are used to teach a more compassionate inner dialogue, while visualizations will aid readers in focusing and creating the life they dream for themselves. 

10 Gifts To Give Yourself For A Successful Life is a self-help book which will not only help to awaken the artistic passion in readers, but will help to strengthen the emotional and mental core of each person using the suggested tools to improve his or her life. The stronger our emotional foundation is, the stronger we are for those who need our nurturing and help. It is a book of expansive ideas--ideas which will affect all who come into contact with you. Learn to love yourself, and loving others will happen on its own!

By  San Francisco novelist Christina Westover, 10 Gifts To Give Yourself For A Successful Life, is a self-help book which will help readers to not just shoot for the stars, but to reach them!
(Cover Photo by Madison Westover) ISBN:978-1480233713


Precipice Front MW
Sometimes in a split second... kill or be killed. It is when the subconscious meets the conscious. That moment, right before you reach the summit of your dreams. For Virgil Daly, it was all of these things and more.

A radio talk show host and passionate artist, Virgil is not sure if he is living life to its fullest. But what he does know is... someone wants him dead.Virgil learns that avoiding confrontation is not always possible, and happiness comes at a price. 

For in every person's life there are times when the only direction to move is forward, the only way forward is down, when the only thing visible is the edge you are standing on.(Cover Photo by Madison Westover)ISBN:978-1481024457

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